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CarpeDiemInnovation, aspiration or desperation? Which will it be for you? How will you ring in the new business year? What will be your major driving force in 2015?

What drove your business in 2014? Were you in control of all aspects of the business, or like many, at times driven by desperation. How will you drive the business in 2015?

Hopefully, you will aspire to be innovative and productive and to improve on what you have done before. To put into place improvement measures that you have not yet implemented.

Hopefully, you will plan to do things that make a discernible difference to your business in 2015 and never again let yourself be led by desperation, due to lack of planning.

Plant the seeds today for this new beginning – view today as a new opportunity to start the year and end it too, in the same vein you started. I am certainly in reflective mode on this, the first day of 2015. And I am aiming to be led by  inspiration. Come join me.

Carpe diem!

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