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About Suzanne

Personal Story

Suzanne was born in Hungary and came out to Australia in 1956 during the Russian Revolution. This story is part of an excellent series by a talented filmmaker, Stella Dimadis, in her Migrant Stories series produced for Medea Films. It’s a tribute to Suzanne’s parents who took such risks to provide a better life for their family. She will always be eternally grateful.

Professional Story

As a writer, publisher, editor, bookseller (with an early career in teaching/training), Suzanne has over 20 years of experience in all facets of the publishing industry.

Most recently, as a book coach, she has been working with talented Australian writers to teach them how to self-publish and make a passive income from their writing online. As a teacher/trainer, she has taught social media, psychology & sociology, as well as running writing courses/workshops and nurturing talented young writers for many years now.

Suzanne has run a publishing business (which is still active), has owned a bookshop (both online and a physical store), and has taught social media for a PR firm. Her half-day workshops in schools are inspirational and aimed at inspiring the next generation of writers. In fact, she still has that “calling” for teaching that never goes away.

Suzanne has also attended the odd tertiary institution. Her studies have included foreign languages (French, German & Indonesian) at Sydney University and the Australian National University, English as a foreign language at the University of Adelaide, teaching at University of Canberra and completed a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Canberra. So, she is an eternal student and a lifelong learner. She is always studying something.

Her passions could be summed up as teaching, writing, and discovering and nurturing talented writers. Her passion project is through, a not-for-profit site which exists solely to inspire, discover and expose talented Australian writers and their writing.

If you have an exciting publishing project in mind, you can certainly contact her to discuss it. She will do everything she can to help you.

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