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Suzanne Kiraly

Book Coach

When I owned my “bricks ‘n mortar” bookshop, I observed firsthand how people selected their books. The first point of attraction was ALWAYS the book cover. Online, we are competing with an even larger sea of books, so the book cover needs to stand out even more.

If you want to sell your book, then get it properly designed with an eye-catching cover that sells. It’s simple really. This is all about consumer psychology at the end of the day. Saving a few dollars and getting a cheap looking cover is definitely a false economy.

Here’s The Problem, Though

Most writers use Fiverr, and pay someone a reasonably small fee to have their book cover designed. The problem with this method, is you often get a design that isn’t up to scratch. It simply isn’t good enough. Very often, people end up buying 10 – 20 designs before they get something that is acceptable. Not great, just acceptable. Why not just pay once, to get a design that is amazing…

Benefits Of Book Covers

I owne a bookshop in Manuka, Canberra once, and I can tell you the process customers go through when they buy a book. The first thing they notice is your book cover. So when you have a cover that stands out, people start to notice your book on the shelf. If your book is online, the effect is greater – as your book is one amongst a sea of opportunity seeking books hoping to be noticed and sold.

Features Of Book Covers

You can have a simple book design, or something with unique art, graphics and images. We can work together to come up with a unique cover design, or you can tell me what you have in mind, and I’ll send the instructions to the right graphic designer for you, depending on your wants and needs.






There is no “one size fits all” with professional book cover design, but I can tell you the average price for book cover art will range from around $250 – $750. If you would like to discuss an exact quote for your book, contact me via email or phone and I we can discuss a rough quote for your design.

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